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Beth Pearce

Producer and Director

Voice of the Victims


Parents, no matter how wonderful and smart your kids are, don’t think “Not my kid!”  Even the best kids are at risk.  One young girl died from a designer drug after someone slipped a pill into her soft drink – she had never smoked, drunk alcohol, taken drugs or even had a date!


Parents, please don’t

depend on schools to protect your kids from drugs!  School programs often lack the emotional impact needed to make a difference.  It’s our responsibility as parents to make that impact.    


I made the Voice of the Victims films to reach teens, young adults … and most important, parents.  The Parent Edition goes beyond the tales of tragedies and important information in my teen film, and is designed to give parents the will, the courage and the information they need to protect their loved ones from the deadly consequences of drug use.           


Your purchase will help save more lives!  I am trying very hard to raise the funds – and the hope I need, personally! – to produce my next film, “True Stories of GHB, DXM and alcohol.”  These are all terrible killers and I want very much to help you protect your loved ones from them. So please help me by buying True Stories of Ecstasy and Ketamine.

Christmas Joy for Youth at Risk

Voice of the Victims is concerned about all youth at risk, so this Christmas we provided the Orange County (CA) Probation Community Action Association with $1,500 worth of Christmas gifts for the teens they serve.  In the photo, PCAA Director Lois McKoon accepts the gifts, which included books, games, beauty supplies, toiletries, art supplies, sports equipment and clothes.

PCAA serves probation youth, many of whom come from homes with poverty, family violence and neglect, putting them at risk for drug use.  PCAA has been a big supporter of the Voice of the Victims films, and tell us that the kids they serve are deeply moved by them.  It’s a pleasure to give some Christmas joy back to these kids!

Beth's latest effort to save kids from drug tragedies, Cathy's Prom.  It's a program designed to help kids make a serious, committed decision to not take drugs at their prom.  We're very excited that this program will spread through the Web and reach thousands and thousands of kids.  Please check out the site and help us spread the word.  

Special Price

Family Price $32.00 "2 DVD's"

Usually same day shipping

"Teen and Parent Edition"

Sara, Erin, Cathy, and Steven.  Do they look like your friends or your kids?  They were young, attractive and smart, with all the potential in the world, but drugs destroyed that potential.  Their stories can help all of us to not become victims.  Read our plan for protecting your loved ones by having a powerful "drug talk" with them.  Click Here

Watch a preview

I think that this video is much better than the ones shown in rehab or even in school.  Those drug videos are just information about the drugs.  But Voice of the Victims shows us really what happens after you take it and what can and most likely will happen to you!  It leaves you with a very strong impression and brings it much more "close to home."


I think the schools should show this movie.  It tells the real life stories.  You feel like you're part of the family and lost a member yourself.  This is a real touching story and I love what it stated.


I think this video is way more realistic than any other movie I have seen in high school/middle school.  This movie really teaches good lessons, and it really affects the viewer.  I never really knew what was in Ecstasy and what all the effects were until this video, and I learned a lot about other dangerous drugs that I never want to go near because of this video.


This video was much better than those shown at schools because it actually shows live situations and outcomes with the parents and siblings reactions.  School videos just kind of say "Don't do drugs" without thorough detail and reason why not to use them.


No phony narratives, no preachy messages - just the real-life stories told by the people who lived them.  These are true stories about real people living with the all-too-possible end results of recreational Ecstasy and Ketamine use: death, brain damage, memory loss or depression.

Also, learn from the experts what these drugs do and how to protect your friends and siblings.  Part two of the Young Adult Edition of Voice of the Victims: True Stories of Ecstasy and Ketamine covers the following subjects:


It won't happen to me!


Warning signs and helping your friends


Watching out for your friends and calling 911


The rape aspect


Why am I so sad or forgetful?


What's with these cute little pills?


Myths and misconceptions


What about alcohol?


It's your choice!  What will you choose?

Never before has there been a video like this!  Designed especially for parents, Voice of the Victims Parent Edition offers essential, down-to-earth information parents need to know about designer drugs and the damaging, deadly threats they pose.  Be sure to watch the companion Young Adult Edition with your children - but this version is for parents only!


You'll learn from parents and experts what you need to know in chapters like:



No way, not my kid!


What is Ecstasy/PMA?


What is Ketamine?


What can we do or look for to help our kids?


Psychological issues and depression


Hiding places


Other harmful things kids can get into

At this time we need your help.  We are in the process of becoming a Non-Profit Organization and we are struggling to further our work.  These videos were created by one woman, without funding, without grants and without outside help.  She single handedly funded this by pulling a $200,000 loan from her home.  So far we have made $25,000 back.  In order to move on and create the next video "True Stories of GHB, DXM and Alcohol" we need to get the word out about these videos and we need to make back enough money to begin production.

To the right there is a thermometer to show our funding progression towards the creation and production of our next video.  If we are unable to reach our goals, despite the life changing work Voice of the Victims have done for so many and the needs and the hopes of all those involved, regretfully, we will be unable to continue.

There are many ways that each one of us can help Voice of the Victims to succeed.  Click Here to see different ways that you can help or click below to make a donation.

Make a Donation

For updated news on designer drugs, visit and bookmark our blog.

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Last modified: March 26, 2009